Well here goes…..


Well its finally happened. I have finally given in to the temptations of the blog-o-sphere….and damned scary it is to !

So why “TheOxfordCivilian” ? I hear you cry. 

Well why not ?

I suppose I could live nowhere near the place and actually be a royal , but that’s just silly. I AM a proud Oxonian, but have spent the best part of 50 years explaining that I am NOT part of the University. I have also spent a good thirty or more trying to explain that I am not posh. It seems to be a real problem for some understanding poor people actually exist in wealthier towns and cities. I am one of those poorer people , an Oxford “townie”, in a council flat, and to compound one cliche in trying to dispel another, living on disability benefits at the moment. I have always hated the Townie monika so have chosen Civilian instead.I hope that meets with everyone’s approval . If not, TOUGH ! Ooops think the power may already going to my head. 

So what will the blog feature ? Hmmmn ? Not sure myself. I am a whimsical man , so much will depend on my mood – ya got me on a good day today , hence the blog launch. If you are looking for a focused blog on a given subject , then I am afraid you will be disappointed. So many things take my interest that I am sure most will feature at some stage. As will friends , family , Missie ( the pooch) and the odd enemy too , should I need to vent. I love to cook , I love to write and I am a bit obsessed by entering competitions, men’s fashion excites me and I have also got a background in health promotion, so they will all play their part. I want to take a look at new products (and some old ones) and the services ( or lack of them) that companies offer us. I am also a bit of an unreconstructed liberal ( that used to have a capital L , not to mention a Dem after it before the current government came to power.)  so politics and current affairs will feature. But don’t be put off, I want people to disagree with me when I post personal opinions, they should be the start of a debate hopefully . I love a bit of a barney, as long as people are respectful.

I think its the debate that I want – on whatever subject I am prattling about. If I say Piccard was the best Enterprise captain and you think its Kirk (God forbid) , tell me – just make sure you justify yourself. Or if I say Troughton is the Dr Who that set the standard and you have a crush on some other Timelord sex bomb , let me know. I think I maybe should have included sci-fi geekery in my list of interests.

For now all I ask is that you be patient with me. I am new to this, and it WILL take me a while to get used to layouts and blog formats etc . I do want to make easy for both of us ; me to write, you to read. I am 47 years and this is all very new to me…and I am really a techy novice. I may have all the right equipment but using it is a different matter ( and no innuendo please lol ).

I could say my aspirations for the blog are to entertain, inform and perhaps even educate – all very Reithian – but actually I just want to get a response. If it makes you giggle, provokes a memory, makes you scream and seethe about how wrong I am or go see a film I have suggested I will be happy. Just let me know.

So as I am a bit under-prepared , a bit of a greenhorn, and that it has taken me the best part of two hours just to write this bit ….watch this space and see what occurs 🙂 Image